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The Group

The Feltrinelli Group, coordinated and managed by the holding company Effe 2005 - Feltrinelli Group S.p.A and led by Carlo Feltrinelli, operates on the entire supply chain of the book: from publishing, with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore and other connected imprints, to promotion and distribution, performed with the Group companies PDE, to the retail chain of bookstores La Feltrinelli – 106 to this day in all Italy - and with websites of information and e-commerce

Aiming to develop new partnerships abroad, Feltrinelli Group has acquired the 10% of independent publisher Editorial Anagrama in Spain and the 16% of the bookstore chain La Central.

In a logic of diversification, the Feltrinelli Group is also involved in research and dissemination of ideas and in the cultural offer of entertainment products. In this scenario, comes the participation of the Group in the share capital of the Holden School, the most important school of storytelling today in Italy; but also and especially the agreement - signed in October 2012 - with LA7 for the creation (70% Feltrinelli Group and 30% La7) of a new multi-platform channel on TV, Internet and mobile.

The holding also owns a stake of a 95% of Antica Focacceria San Francesco - a company that operates in the food service with the aim of opening coffee shops and excellent restaurants in Feltrinelli stores, but also in independent places in Italy and abroad - and the totality of the company Finaval, leader of the real estate sector, which plays a role of retaining historic real estate owned by the Feltrinelli family since the beginning of the twentieth century and of development of the commercial real estate sector.

Feltrinelli also plays an important role in the research and promotion of culture through the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, set up in 1949, an institution internationally recognized for its precious library.